New Award honoring Dale Meyers


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… without doubt, but by no means any less busy. It would be hard to imagine a couple whose interests and activities were more closely intertwined. Dale had been elected to AWS in 1964; Mario had been president since 1959. From the very beginning of his administration he had made it clear that he believed that the Society should take full advantage of the trend that by that time had become so evident everywhere; the increasing number of women in the workplace.  With the two now living and working together it was inevitable that Dale would become more and more involved in AWS affairs. She happily added “Wife of the President” to her titles and rolled up her sleeves. She has served as a gracious hostess at all our gatherings, and besides committee chairmanships and the duties of serving on the Board and as a jury member, which she shared many other AWS women members, she has had the additional tasks of supervising the moving of our offices three times, proofreading the catalog, helping to hang the show, etc. All this while keeping up her own production and showing of paintings.

In 1972 she was elected an Associate of the National Academy of Design and in 1979 became an Academician. She also served a three-year term as president of Allied Artists of America.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that all this kept her tied down. She and Mario went around the world in 1967 and to Russia in 1974.  In 1969 Mario was one of a small group of artists who were invited by the National Gallery of Art to cover the launch of Apollo 10 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The launching of Apollo 11 followed later the same year, and this time Dale was with him as an artist in her own right, making good use of the FBI clearance she had obtained several years before.

So now she was in the full-time art career that had so long been her goal. She says “Naturally, being the wife of such an illustrious painter and sculptor as Mario opened many doors for me, but I do think it was his teaching that really did it.” That may well be, but it cannot be said that Dale appropriated any of his painting style or mannerisms.  Those who have viewed any of their joint exhibitions can attest to the fact that Dale is very much her own artist. In their teaching the two soon became recognized as a team and began their joint work workshops which have been in great demand all over the United States and continue up to the present time. In 1984 Dale brought out a little book of her sketches done on these travels titled “Sketchbook.” Over two dozen are in full color with the rest in black-and-white halftone. It also shows the artist-traveler how to keep a watercolor sketch file for use as a journal of experiences. She says it has been warmly received.


She enjoys doing the workshops and meeting people with the same goals in life. She also has more tangible awards to show for her work; medals from AWS, the National Gallery of Arts Club and the prestigious Samuel F.B. Morse Gold Medal of the National Academy, among others. She has decided that those aptitude tests she took at New Trier High School so many years ago were pretty much on the mark after all. It just took her a little time to put it all together.