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August 29 - Receiving of Accepted Work

Congratulations to the artists accepted for the 2017 Annual Show!

William  Aiken, Along the Mekong
Douglas Aja, Bump & run
Lee Alban, American Made
Wilmer Anderson, Baraboohills, Wisconsin
Kathy Anderson, Nap Time in Old Havana
Lee Apt, Crazy Plaid
Tony Armendariz, Up and Down River Avenue
Donald Axleroad, The Crushing Weight of Dementia
Del-Bourree  Bach, Star Power
Marcia Mead Bailey, Out Back
John Balsamo, Pensive Young Woman
Serena Bates, The game of cat and mouse
Basil Baylin, The Hat
Natalie Becker, Twilight in the Garden
Jeffrey Berman, The Rehearsal
Arthur Bernstein, Enclosure
Judi Betts, Classical Jazz
Michael Bignell, Downrigging
Matthew Bird, Heritage Still Life
Clifford  Blanchard, Avian Dreams: Cut the Cord
Valeriu Boborelu, White Being in Space
Lisa Botto-Lee, The Black Swan
Carol Z. Brody, Party Papers, Ribbons and Confetti IV
Hebe Brooks, Squirrel Bridge
Linda Brown, Footsteps #7
Lisa Budd, Go With the Flow
Henry Buerckholtz, Figure Study
Dot Bunn, Grandmother’s Vase
Mary Callahan, Tuscan Winery
Wende Caporale, Robin
Royden Card, 20 Mule Canyon
Todd Casey, Against the Wind
Jason  Chang, Spring in the Garden
Janet Cook, Gabriela
Junwei Dai, Sun rise in Gaziantep
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Sensis Communis
Christina Debarry, Along my Garden Path V
Mark deMos, Street Side Dining, NYC
William A Dodge, Leaving the Park
Howard Eberle, Eyes of Autumn
LilianR Engel, Fleeting
Judy Evans, Symmetry on Royal
Benjamin  Fedosky, Man in the Street
Ying Feng, Shui Girls
Z.L. Feng, Native Girl
Mark Fernkas, Block Drug Night
Evelyn Floret, Look
Sharon Florin, View from Kenmare
Nanette Fluhr, Hannah
Carmen Frank, Pondering
Deborah Friedman, Radiance and Light
Susan Geissler, Big shoes to fill
Max Ginsburg, Subway Trio
Kathleen Gray, Life
James Green, Old Wataerwheel House
Daniel Greene, Danielle - Looking Uptown
Larry Grinch, Brandt Lake Beach
Barbara Groff, Memories of a Friend
Glenda Haas, Pumpkins
Janet Handler, Golden Forms
James Harrington, Kelsey
Yuehua He, Homer
Tom Hedderich, Fresh from the Rain
janese Hexon, Holding Grief
Christina Holtier, The Blue Bridge
Julie Hopkins, Susannah
Lee Hutt, The Portrait As Muse
Susann Hyman, Big and Beautiful
Yuka Imata, Japanese Doll - Mei
christine Ivers, The Eyes Have It
Fengshi Jin, Prayer
Nils Johnson, Selfie
Ott Jones, Out Of The Shadows
Eileen Jorgensen, Crescent Beach Sky
David Kassan, Louise and Lazar Farkas, Survivors of the Shoah
Jane Klesh-Butkovsky, Crossing
Nadia Klionsky, Breaking Waves
Lynne Kroll, Nightwatch
Janet Laird-Lagassee, Boxes, Midsummer
Joan Lane, Kindred Spirits
Antonia Layton, Your mine
John C Leavey, Studio Floor
Shana Levenson, Repent and Forgive
Leslie Levy, Stop, Caution, Go!
Jenny M. Lin, Lotus Pond - 3
Weihong Liu, Bridge II
Jun Cheng Liu, Memory
Kerk Hwang Lok, Symphony of Rust No 17
Nanci France-Vaz, Up Next



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James Magner, Distant Harbor
Larry Mallory, Another Time
Carol E Maltby, Shopkeeper
Anthony J Manzo, The Ropeas Tools
Gwen Marcus, Blossom
Marco Marinelli, Anguish
Maria marino, Golden Fields of Indiana
Glenn Marlowe, The Lovers
Marie-Paule Martin, Summer in Bryant Park
Nina F Martino, Dead End Road
Antonio Masi, Sunday Morning
Maralyn Matlick, Circadian Rhythm series #01
Curt Mattson, Pickin his way
Michael Mcauley, C.S. Lewis
September McGee, Pom Pom and Gaugin
Georgene McGonagle, Indian Dancer
Jacqueline Meyerson, Bushel Baskets
Lynne Miller, Get Back To The Kitchen
Dean Mitchell, Artist At Work
Maceo Mitchell, 30 Cipoline Onions
Elise Morenon, Zonked
Gregory Mortenson, The Butterfly Effect
Murray Muldofsky, Evening in Flemington
Gary  Mulnix, Pods
Vincent Nardone, Rhythms of Metedeconk
Woon Lam Ng, Morning Chat
Scott Nickerson, Scorpio
Masaaki Noda, Evolution-X
Takayo Noda, Conversation
Wilson Ong, Red Hair
Dan Ostermiller, Peleadorsito
Bob Palevitz, Fantasy
Robert Papp, Paper moons
Pokey Park, Dragonflies
Lucille Berrill Paulsen, St John
Fabang Pei, Mongolia Groom
Ann Pember, Swift Current
Carole Pickle, Black Hills
Denisa Prochazka, Warrior's Heart Wish
DeAnn L. Prosia, 5 Pointz
Elissa Prystauk, Sunflowers II
Carl Raven, Her
Mardie Rees, A Few of my Favorite Things
Louis N. Ricco, A Still Life Study
Mike Rohner, Freedom Tower
Peggy J. Rose, Malice in Pursuit
Roger Rossi, The Upper Path
Sherry Salari-Sander, Rays
Raymond Sammak, The Last Stop
Rosie Sandifer, Alpine Lake, Study
Selva Sanjines (Schenkman), Mother Earth
Tim Saternow, 41 Union Square West
Larry Scaturo, Yoga strech
Lawrence Schloss, CEREBRUM
Peter D. Schnore, Summer, East Hampton
Miklos Sebek, Origin No. 3
Peter Seltzer, A Brush with Greatness
Barbara Sesta, Waiting
Ellen Nathan Singer, Through the Scrim
Rae Smith, Swirling Koi
Pati Stajcar, Ships
Selma Stern, Mystical Moments
Maurice Stern, Mimi
Beata Szpura, The Blind Man
Don Taylor, Angels on High
James Toogood, Pearson
Lois Salmon Toole, Mellowing Winter
Thomas Torak, Fireflies
Elizabeth Torak, Poultry Prep
Brenda Tribush, Still Life
Tim Tyler, Tania’s Hat
Amy Unfried, Lace reef with 5 fish
Thomas Valenti, Funhouse
Villo Varga, Messages of New York No. 2
Susan Wakeen, Marcy
Sue Wall, Kindred Spirit
June Webster, I Heart NY
Mark Welles, Airielle
Karen Whitman, The Old Print Shop
Eric Wiegardt, Funchal Jazz
Steve Wilda, Lost Soul, South of France, 1917
Marc Winnat, Change of the Guard, Boston
Jane Wright Wolf, Western Nocturne
Nancy Yang, At the Wedding
Rhoda Yanow, The Race
Weiqing Yuan, Sunny day
Doug Zider, The Brooklyn Bridge 1930
Susan Zurles, Gaia