A message from the President


Dear members, friends and visitors,

Welcome to the official website for the Allied Artists of America!

Throughout its past 103 years of existence, Allied Artists of America has constantly maintained the highest standards of artistic excellence set forth by its original founders. The success of the organizations awards program is made possible through donor contributions. Our contributors are people who know and understand the true value of art and the role it plays as a representation of all aspects of humanity and the time in which we live. The Board of Directors and Committee Members serve voluntarily and all are dedicated to the needs of the organization, keeping up with the advancements of our time while concurrently adhering to the traditions that were established more than a century ago.. The prestige of becoming an elected member of Allied is and has always been a most sought after and honored achievement for countless artists across the nation.

Our members are among the finest artists in the Nation and their numbers grow continuously. Our Associate Member program makes it possible for artists and non-artists alike to contribute to the organization with return benefits.

I wish to thank our members who joined our website and strongly advise others to do the same. Featuring your artistic work here is a great opportunity to show it to all those visiting the site. Elected and Honorary members interested in joining the website can email to garyerbe@alliedartistsofamerica.org for information and requirements.  Other inquiries can be emailed to me at mitzura.salgian@alliedartistsofamerica.org.

Every year, artists from all over the United States submit their work to our Annual Juried Exhibition. The resulting show represents the best of the best.

Thank you for your support and interest in the Allied Artists of America. We hope you enjoyed your visit and that you return soon.

Sincerely yours,

Mitzura Salgian

President - Allied Artists of America