Congratulations to all the artists listed below who were chosen by the jury of selection to participate in the 2016 Exhibition.  
We thank all the submitting artists for their participation and encourage everyone to submit to future shows, as the jury is different every year. 

William  Aiken, Blue Pot
Douglas Aja, Threatened
Arthur Amster, Shaman
Kathy Anderson, On the Street, Old Havana
Denise Athanas, Fantasy
Donald Axleroad, The Great White Bull and Queen Pasiddhae
Marcia Mead Bailey, The End of Tilted Hemlock
Brenda L Bechtel, Memories of Infinitude
Joy  Beckner, "Miss Me"
John Belardo, The Pretense of Knowledge
Rose Ann Bernatovich, Retired Preacher
David Beynon Pena, Maine Meadow & Barn
Matthew Bird, Spring
Clifford Blanchard, Avian Dreams: Icarus
Shay Blum, Abraham the Protector
Mic Boekelmann, Inner Sanctuary
Lisa Botto Lee, Mona-Nina
Hebe Brooks, Between Water and Snow
Michael Budden, Evening Glow Beautiful Light
Todd Casey, Another Story
Jason Chang, Gladiolus
Christina Debarry, Spring Bouquet V  
Mark deMos, New York Crosswalk
Brian Depew, White Table
Stephanie Deshpande, The Fall
Mally DeSomma, Aquamarine and Opal Reflections
Benjamin Fedosky, Head Of A Man (Monte)
Cathy Ferrell, Otterly Playful
Evelyn Floret, Maria
Sharon Florin, Number 49
Lillian Forziat, Last Light
Nanci France-Vaz, Prayers for the Ghetto
Carmen Frank, Acrobat
Tanja Gant, Sienna
Susan Geissler, Precious Cargo
Freya Gervasi, Aquarius
Judi Gilden, Sunlight on the Vine
Max Ginsburg, Studio Couch
Daniel Greene, Sophie - Bleecker St
Joseph P.  Grieco, Lexingtonn Ave Rain
Larry Grinch, Brandt Lake Beach
Barbara Groff, Glazed with Light
Glenda Haas, Sycamore - Kew Gardens
Janet Handler, Birth
James Harrington, Absorbed
Yuehua He, Blessed Ludovico Albertoni
Tom Hedderich, Savannah Gator
Serge Hollerbach, Group of People
Jennifer Holmes, Afternoon Sojourn
Lee Hutt, All In A Day
Susann Hyman, Baby Dreams
Yuka Imata, Nature -Dea-
Martha Ives, Begonias
Joyce K. Jensen, Marbles and Jacks
Fengshi Jin, Faith
Ott Jones, Arrival of Dusk
Eileen Jorgensen, Evening Reverie
Jane Klesh-Butkovsky, In the lobby
Nadia Klionsky, Harpswell Sound, Maine
Lynne Kroll, Geared
Abby Lammers, Winds of Change
Shana Levenson, Donna
Martin Levine, Tribune Tower
Esther Lo, My Story, (Fired Terra cotta)
Kerk Hwang Lok, Rust No.4
Anthony J Manzo, Her dancing Shawl
Marie-Paule Martin, Close Friends
Nina F Martino, Strawberry Moon over Phila
Antonio Masi, GWB Flag
Stern Maurice, Andrew
Jinnie  May, This IS My Day Job!
Georgene McGonagle, Foxy Lady
Lee MeeWha, Noon II
Jacqueline Meyerson, Allan Street
Lynne Miller, Faded Mansions, Forgotten Lives
Tatiana Mitra, Ballerina
Nicole Mone, Blowing Smoke
Gregory Mortenson, The Explorer
Ricky Mujica, Loss
Gary Mulnix, Columbine
Scott Nickerson, Lucia
Takayo Noda, Fable of Yellow Tree
Masaaki Noda, Notion
Dan Ostermiller, When Mama Calls
Anthony Padovano, Reflections
Bob Palevitz, White on White
Richard Pantell, Waiting
Pokey Park, Cottontail Rabbit
Annie Patt, LIC Skyline
Lucille Berrill Paulsen, Peep Hole
Ann Pember, Forest Glow
DeAnn L. Prosia, Under the Elevated
Louis Ricco, Priestly Demise - 9/11
Mike Rohner, Green St, Soho
Mark Ruff, Lady Godiva
Doug Safranek, Free Time
Sherry Salari-Sander, Swans at Freezeout Lake
Raymond Sammak, Empire State Building
Lois Sanders, High Strung
Rosie Sandifer, Red Wall Canyon Rafters
Tim Saternow, Crosstown M23, High Line
Larry Scaturo, Handstand Relief
Miklos Sebek, Organism no. 2
Peter Seltzer, Absolutely Free
Barbara Sesta, Icy Creek
Rae Smith, Stormy Day in East Hampton
Cathy Strapp, Game Pieces
Thalia Stratton, Dining in New York
Dashuai Sun, Musician
Beata Szpura, Sheila Reclining
Don Taylor, Kinderdijk
James Toogood, Champs
Lois Salmon Toole, Beckoning Light
Thomas Torak, Cantaloupes and Grapes
May Rolstad Trien, On His Way
Thomas Valenti, Salvatore Dali Eyes
Villo Varga, Messages of New York No. 1
Sue Wall, Flight Patterns
Bo Wang, Lotus Pod
Sharon Way-Howard, Follow the Leader
Susan Weintraub, Midday Traffic
Gregory West, Lite Reading
Karen Whitman, Boulevard Boogie
Rhoda Yanow, The Finish
Susan Zurles, Abstract Nude

Please download the PROSPECTUS for more details.