New Award honoring Dale Meyers


There is no doubt that the captivating, even beguiling, watercolors of Dale Meyers-Cooper will be etched in the history of both the American and global art scene and we at Allied Artists of America remain extraordinarily proud that Dale, as the trail blazer she was, became the first woman elected president of our illustrious organization. She served AAA for many years.  We are very thankful for the new award and medal "The Dale Meyers Cooper Memorial Award" established in her honor. 

In 1993 Dale became the president of the American Watercolor Society where she remained president for ten years until her retirement when she was made President Emeritus.

Dale was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1922. She was a sickly child yet she conquered her illness and later distinguished herself in the art field where she went on to proudly become part of numerous collections while winning frequent prizes and medals for her luminous, dreamlike watercolors that stir the senses of the viewer. One cannot help but surrender to the spell of her whisper-soft images. American Artist and Artist Magazine presented her work in their pages. Dale also authored The Sketchbook in which she explains how to use a sketchbook to develop subjects for paintings, record impressions of scenes while traveling and practice artistic techniques. Dale’s third marriage was to the renowned illustrator and artist Mario Cooper and this union lasted for thirty years until Mario’s death in 1995. Dale and Mario traveled extensively and she always carried a small pad to journal these travels by creating impromptu watercolor sketches.

Dale’s superior talent was further recognized when the National Gallery in Washington commissioned her to paint for NASA both the 1969 Apollo moon landing and the Mars-Viking landing in 1975. Today one can enjoy the original works in the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. These images have been reproduced in the book Eyewitness to Space. If that was not enough, Dale also served as the official artist for the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 2010 Dale, due to illness, had to retire from her teaching at the Art Students League in New York City. When she passed in the summer of 2017, she left behind her daughter Dale Moss and her son-in-law Norman Clarke, her son Stephen Meyers and his wife Sally plus four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.