The Allied Artists of America is happy to inform the artists listed below that their entry has been Accepted by the Jury of Selection for our 2018 Annual Exhibition.  


Exhibition Dates: August 30 through September 16, 2018

Delivery Date: AUGUST 28, 2018 (Tuesday) – 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Accepted work must be delivered uncrated to the Salmagundi Club at 47 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003.  

Attach the Exhibition Label to your work.  The Exhibition Label can be found in the PROSPECTUS.

PAINTINGS: must be framed and wired for hanging  

SCULPTURE: Sculptors must supply own pedestals and bring their own floor pads or pay $35 rental, which can be arranged by sending a $35 check, payable to Allied Artists of America, immediately to Miklos Sebek, 112 Lafayette Avenue, Passaic, NJ 07055

Please make certain that your entry is shipped or delivered in time to reach the gallery on Receiving Day.  Tape the Exhibition Label to the back or bottom of your work.    

Please be sure to pick up or send for your work at the closing of the show, as specified in the .

SHIPPING: Out-of-town artists may ship directly to DAD Trucking, Inc.  Please call DAD at 718-893-3044 for more information.  SHIP EARLY so that DAD receives the shipment by August 18th.

Noyo Harbor
Football Buddies
Nicole, Lady Of Steam
A Single Dose
Carrara Marble Figure
Papyrus with Elephant Ears
Life's a Ball! MS
Woman with a Red Suit
Growth Form 2
Katerba's afternoon
Anca and Max
A Wrinkle In Time
2 out of 3 (Porthos and Aramis)—Bronze
Footsteps #16
Summer Awakening
The Rehearsal
Lost in Thought
Self Portrait at Work
In the Elysian Fields
The Entomologist
Formas Continuas #6
Onions and Garlics
The Playground
Hearth and Home
Running with Scissors
Ready to Roll
Summer Mix IV
No Title
Flatiron in the Snow
Tilghman Packing Co
Steampunk Pear
Morning Sunlight
Blue Season
Catherine IV
Mister Mark's Chrysler II
Paint the Sky with Stars
Don't Let It Become A Dream
Goddess of Light
Spirit Figure
Pancakes for breakfast
Antique Sewing Machine & Moire
Before the Kochs
China Blues
Crowded E Train
Girl Wearing Yellow Kimono
Simbolism of a Seashell
Women Series
Paited Drawing People
Interpretation 1
Nati in Central Park
From the Terrace
Flowers in the Blue Vase
Revelatioins 12:7
Raya Kovensky, Survivor of the Holocaust
Fire Hose in Niche
Sunlit Path
My Dear Angus
Hearts and Blossoms
Gloucester, NC Wyeth
No Title
Pattern Talk
Engine fFywheel, Bethlehem Steel
No Title
Path through Alps
In Sunshine
Where It Lies
Lady in a Cape
Tales of Wheel No 15
A New Paint Job
Morning at Back Creek-Eastport
Philadelphia Waterworks
The Blessing of the Animals
Darrell's Domain
The conductor
Sea Foam Captured 2
Locked Up
Happly Ever After
Life at the Bottom
Rotting in the Light
No Title
The Road Not Taken
Self Portrait with Glasses
No Title
Whispering Baruegat
Shift of Moment-52 Aftergrow
There's More to See
Doll Face
Sea Otter and Pup
NYC Cityscape
St. Daddy
The Escape
The Rainbow cups
City Escape
Two Irises
Girl with Chicken
N.C. Wyeth and the Mad Painter
NYC’s Finest
Wolf Bird Moon
Election Pachinko
Camden Creek
Fertile Assembly
Threads 4
Green Footed Bowl with Newsprint
Hold a hope
Flip Off
German Actor
Homage to Sargents Beaders
In Full Bloom
The Final Chapter
Window to the Heavens
Rain Bubbles.
It's A Big World Out There
Liberty Supine
Tall Green and Gold Lace Reef with Turquoise Fish
Modern Archaeology
Center of Attention
Into the sunshine
Old street view
the Angels of Grapes
Rainy Day
Beyond the Bridge
Glacier Bay: Retreating Ice
Pink Rose
On the Way
Small Dragon, Wild Ride

William Aiken
Douglas Aja
Lee Alban
Blair Atherholt
John Balsamo
Brenda Bechtel
Joy Beckner
Jeffrey Berman
Arthur Bernstein
Shay Blum
Valeriu Boborelu
Lisa Botto-Lee
Val Brochard
Linda Brown
Edith Rae Brown
Henry Buerckholtz
Dot Bunn
Wende Caporale P.S.A.
Kathleen Carr
Todd  Casey
Miguel Castillo
Jason Chang
Elaine Clayman
Joseph Daily
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum
Mark de Mos
Diana De Santis
Christina Debarry
James DePietro
Stephanie Deshpande
William Dodge
Yang Dong
Howard Eberle
Chantell Van   Erbé 
Lisa Falkenstern
Ying Feng
Melanie Ferguson
Evelyn Floret
Sharon Florin
Nanette Fluhr
Carmen Frank
Nanci France-Vaz
Milt Friedly
Arturo  Garcia
Max Ginsburg
Daniel Greene
Larry Grinch
Barbara Groff
James Harrington
Tanya Harsch
Yuehua He
Victoria Herrera
Jacob Hicks
Serge Hollerback
Christina Holtier
Pat Hutchinson
Lee Hutt
Yuka Imata
Christine Ivers
Charles Jay
Fengshi Jin
Scott Johnson
David Kassan
Williami Kennon
Nadia Klionsky
Sandra Kuck
Janet Laird-Lagassee
Abby Lammers
Joan Lane
Alan Larkin
Carolyn Latanision
Shana Levenson
Andrew Leventis
Jingfeng Li
Jenny  Lin
Tammy Liu-Haller
Esther Lo
Kerk Hwang Lok
Larry Mallory
Maria Marino
Marie-Paule Martin
Nina F. Martino
Ann James Massey
Richard Masters
September McGee
Jo  McGinnis
Jacqueline Meyerson
Lynne Miller
Tiffany Miller Russell
Dean Mitchell
Michael  Molnar
Nicole  Moné
Gregory Mortenson
Murray Muldofsky
Gary Mulnix
Alison Mustokoff
Vinnie Nardone
Scott  Nickerson
Masaaki Noda
Jenedy Paige
Bob Palevitz
Richard Pantell
Dhwani Parekh
Pokey Park
Annie Patt
Lucille Berrill Paulsen
Gelena Pavlenko
Lana  Privitera
DeAnn Prosia
Elissa Prystauk
Christina Ramos
Louis Riccio
Mike Rohner
Peggy Rose
Meredith Rose
Colleen Sabo
Mitzura Salgian
Larry Scaturro
Miklos Sebek
Peter Seltzer
Benjamin Shamback
AiLan Shan
Rae Smith
Barbara Smith
Maurice Stern
Thalia Stratton
Beata Szpura
Judy Takács
Zimou Tan
Don Taylor
Mary Taylor
Mukesh Thapa
Thomas Torak
May Trien
Tim Tyler
Amy  Unfried
Thomas Valenti
Villo Varga
Sue Wall
Changshou Wang
Hsueh Chih Wang
Yun Wei
Susan Weintraub
Karen Whitman
Jane Wright Wolf
Nancy Yang
Rhoda Yanow
Tricia Zimic
Susan Zurles